Macbeth Act 4 Scene 1 Summary

Characters: three witches, hecate, macbeth and lenox  and three aparitions

Location: A dark cave


Events: three witches make a powerful potion. macbeth shows up. aparition Armed head shows up and says macbeth needs to be aware of macduff. Bloody child shows up and says he cannot be killed by anyone born of a women. A crowned child with a tree in his hand says he cannot be defeatedd in battle until great birnam wood moves to dunsinane hill. he has false security that now he can’t be defeated but he wants to know whether banquos son will be kings. Banquo ghost and eight other kings that are banquos kids show up, macbeth is sad about that. Witches vanish and lenox comes in, lenox didnt see any witches so we wonder wether they are just in macbeths head. Lenox tells macbeth that macduff fled to england so macbeth goes to kill macduffs family

Quote: “How now, you secret, black and midnight hags!” macbeth “Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none born of a women shall harm macbeth” 2 apparition, makes him feel over confident and want more power.

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