Significance of books in the Book Theif

The Gravedigger’s Handbook:
– It marked the begginning of Liesel’s book stealing carrier. This is important because the first time she stole a book wasn’t bad for her, it was more of a positive effect. This meant that stealing books was not a bad thing in her life and it lead to more stealing further down the track.
– This book was important because it was the key to her past. Everything before her stealing this book is locked up now inside this book. This could make this book a form of catharsis for her, that whenever she is feeling things she could get rid of the emotions by reading this book.
– This book is also important because it sparked her love for reading and was the book through which she learned to read.

The Shoulder Shrug:
– This book is important as it connects the mayors wife and Liesel. Frau Hermann sees Liesel steal the book and doesn’t think of a rebellious child but one that loves reading. So, when Liesel arrives at the Hermanns’, she invites Liesel in to her library. This is a connection which lasts through the whole book.
– This book also represents a rebellion in Liesel against the Nazi party. She doesn’t know why they are burning books because for her books are all positive things.

The Dream Carrier:
– This is a book which Liesel stole to read to Max when he is in a deep sleep, to try and wake him up. This is important because it shows how their relationship has grown. It was first that Liesel was scared of this strange man who came in the middle of the night, but soon they shared their dreams and became great friends. Now Liesel is scared that Max may die so tries to wake him up with this book.
– The story is about an abandoned child which relates to both Max and Liesel as they are both abandoned now, without parents. Though, Hans and Rosa become both of their ‘parents.’ This is important because it brings Max and Liesel closer so that they become not just friends but a brother, sister relationship.

Mein Kampf:
– This book is important as it is Max’s saviour. It is used as a camouflage for his journey to Himmel street. The Germans would think that he was just another German making his way.
– This book is important because it connects Max and Hans to each other. This book told Max that Hans was willing to help him as it contained a map and a key for their house.

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