The Book Thief – In Depth Tinking

“As is often the case with humans, when I read about them in the book thief’s words, I pitied them, though not as much as I felt for the ones I scooped up from various camps in the time.” This quote tells us a lot about how death feels about humans and about taking their lives. When reading Leisels words about their time in the bomb raid shelters death says he pitied them. The were sitting in the dark, waiting for death and he pitied them for not just being able to live. Not as much as he pitied the Jews being lead to their deaths in the concentration camps. This shows that death cares how people die and that he doesn’t think some of the ways people die are fair or right. But, death doesn’t have the power to change this as he is only the “messenger” so all he can do is pity.

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