“Transcendence” is a film directed by Wally Pfister, starring Johnny Depp (Will Caster), Rebecca Hall (Evelyn Caster) and Paul Bettany (Max Waters). The film starts at a point of society where some devastating event has wiped out all electricity. It then rewinds a few years to a conference at which Dr. Will Caster is presenting to his sponsors about his work on artificial intelligence. He is on the brink of discovering how to map the human brain to create a self aware A.I. On the same day Will is shot my a terrorist group called R.I.F.T (Revolutionary Independence From Technology) and A.I. labs are attacked all over the country. Will survives but the bullet was laced with poison so he only has 3 months to live. Evelyn finds the research of a man which successfully uploaded a monkey’s brain into a computer and, as a chance to save her husband, recruits life long friend Max to help her upload Wills brain. Will dies but his brain was successfully uploaded or so Evelyn thinks. She is instantly a believer that it worked but Max is skeptical about how much of Will Caster actually survived. This is because they uploaded him into the drives which housed PINN (Physically Independent Neural Network) Max is not sure if what they are seeing is PINN or Will. They have an argument and Evelyn sends Max out. Max is confronted and kidnapped by R.I.F.T, who then send a team to capture Evelyn and shut down this A.I before it is loaded onto the internet. R.I.F.T is too late and Evelyn uploads ‘Will’ onto the internet. Will instantly starts using the stock market to pile money into him and Evelyn’s bank account. They eventually buy a small town in the middle of nowhere and build a gigantic laboratory where A.I will makes massive advancements in nano technology and other sciences. Max is convinced by R.I.F.T that the A.I needs to be shut down and enlists help from his contacts in the FBI. Deformed or Disabled people from all around come for Will to heal them with his nano tech. Not only does he heal them though he also enhances their bodies and connects them to him, so he can control them like a hive mind. Max and his team capture one of these people and use their blood to create a virus that will shut down the A.I but will also shut down the whole internet in the process. The contact Evelyn who is getting more weary that this mind is not actually Will and she says she will plant the virus as she created the problem. Will in the mean time has figured out how to grow tissue and has created himself as a human again. Evelyn is dying as the virus is in her veins she would implant it by getting Will to upload her to him. At this time the army are bombing all of Will’s solar panels so he doesn’t have enough power

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